Your Finances and Your Food

I keep both a budgeting and food diary app on my phone.  The other day I opened my phone to log some food into my diary, but then I noticed that I had actually opened my budget app.  Then yesterday I wanted to log my grocery bill into my budgeting app, and guess what, I opened my food diary.  After a few more of these incidents I noticed a pattern.  Logging your daily food intake and budgeting money have a ton of similarities.  Here are the ones I’ve got for you!

Don’t Waste Money

You always hear about some sort of expense being like flushing your money down the toilet.  Well the same goes for your calories.  There’s a lot of places you could flush your calories down the toilet.  Here’s a few ways to waste some calories on stuff that doesn’t fulfill:  sweetened drinks, calories dense snacks, high fat dairy, and fried foods.  If your calories were money, would you still so carelessly give them away?

Keep It Religiously

If you want to be successful with your budgeting and money goals, you have to keep it up!  You step away for a day, week, month, and you fall behind.  The same goes for your health goals if you step away from your food diary.  Once you stop keeping track, things typically go off the rails!

Have A Goal

What are you saving money for?  A savings goal toward a car, house, or boat will require the same amount of focus as a calorie goal in order to lose weight.  And without that goal you will lose focus on what matters most.

Budget More Or Less Based On Your Situation

Your gift budget for December and July should be very different from one another.  If they’re not, then you have a problem.  You will probably go way over your goal in December and budget way too much in July that could go toward something else.  Your calorie “budget” should work the same way.  On the days you’re super active, budget more calories, and when you’re going to park it on the couch, maybe eat less that day.

Let Your Budget Guide You

Your monthly budget should guide all of your spending decisions.  You consult and depend on it to help you toward your goal.  Your food diary is also a tool to guide you on your Journey to Health.  Lean on it and let it take your to your destination.  Remember, you’re working with your diary, not against it.