Which Type of Training is Right For You?

So you're looking for some professional help to get your fitness goals on track...

But you have no idea what type of training is best.  In this post I'll give you the important info you need to differentiate between group exercise, small group training,  partner training, and personal training.

1.  Group Exercise

What You Get:

  • $ (cheapest of the 4)

  • Social environment (typically 10 or more people)

  • Low barrier to entry (usually no assessment or screening)

What You Lose:

  • Individualized workouts

  • Personal attention (least personal of the 4)

  • Accountability (easy to skip or work at a lower intensity)

2.  Small Group Training

What You Get:

  • $$ (2nd cheapest of the 4)

  • Accountability (small groups (about 6) are able to form tight bonds)

What You Lose

  • Personal attention (but more attention than group exercise)

  • Individualized workouts (but more specific than group exercise)

3.  Partner Training

What You Get: 

  • Ability to work with a close friend or family member

  • Personal attention (2nd most personal of the 4)

  • Screening and movement assessment

What You Lose:

  • $$$ (3rd cheapest of the 4)

  • Group atmosphere

4.  Personal Training

What You Get:

  • Individualized workouts

  • Personal attention

  • Accountability (missing sessions typically results in fees)

What You Lose: 

  • $$$$ (4th cheapest of the 4)

  • Group atmosphere

Every gym organizes their training systems differently, but these are all basic generalizations based on my 5 years within the fitness industry.  This guide is a great place to start to figure out what type of training works best for you.

Journey to Health currently offers personal, small group, and partner training.  If you or a friend are interested please feel free to request a free consultation.