Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the first blog post on Journey to Health's website.  It's been such a long journey for me to get here.  Since 2012 I've been hot and cold on whether or not I have the chops to be a business owner.  There were times when I've given up completely, and other times when I'm more inspired than ever!  Nevertheless, here I stand (with a website I might add), and I'm fully committed to this thing.  And that commitment has certainly paid off.  I'm blessed beyond belief, and I have no idea why God loves me, but he does! 

Everyone has very specific struggles, and everyone's journey to health is so different.  So with each blog post, I will have in mind the fact that "cookie cutter" solutions DO NOT WORK.  We have to understand that everyone has a unique situation, and they need a unique solution.

In the site's blog posts you'll find helpful tips to aide you on your journey.  But you will also find affirmations of grace, the need for neediness, and even expressions of utter failures in the posts.  Every post is designed to help you understand our desperate need of grace provided by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and how that plays out in every single aspect of your life (including your quest for ripped abs and bulging biceps).  The phrase "Grace Based Health" is still being worked out in my head, and this entire site is designed to help us figure out what that means together.

Journey to Health...ENGAGED!!!

-Vinny Black (Owner of Journey to Health)