Take It Outside

 Journey to Health was born outdoors, and we like to stay true to our roots.  I met with my first client at a soccer field on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  It is so liberating to get outside and get your sweat on.  For 6-8 months out of the years the reasons to stay indoors are flowing steadily and culturally accepted:  it's too hot, it's too chilly, it's humid, you know the rest. 


We are entering that sweet spot.  Your excuses just won't work when it's a cool dry 70 degrees outside.  So the big question is...


Why not lose the treadmill for an outdoor jog?  Why not grab a couple free weights and do some training in the open air?  Don't you get tired of sharing equipment at the gym?  It's really hard to smell that stinky guy (you know him, every gym has one) when there's hundreds of feet between you and the next person. 

So let's get our outdoor workout on.  Here's a few reasons why.

  • You may notice your outdoor workout becomes more than exercise.  Outdoor exercise is nourishing to your spiritual health.
  • Healthy amounts of sun exposure increases Vitamin D levels.
  • Fresh air tastes better :)
  • Spending time in an open outdoor space lowers the symptoms of depression.
  • You feel more creative after spending time outdoors.  No wonder there's tons of poems and haiku written about nature.

Need some outdoor exercise ideas?  I'm here to help!

  • Walking, BOOM ROASTED!
  • Hiking, BOOM ROASTED!
  • Running, BOOM ROASTED!
  • Biking, BOOM ROASTED!
  • Take some of your favorite body weight exercises and use time intervals to make them more effective.  Try 30 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest.
  • Knock some kids out of the way and use the jungle gym to get a full body workout.  Add some resistance bands to the mix for an increased workload.
  • Be creative with any typical indoor exercises.  You'll be surprised with what comes to you.

Ready?  Break!!! I'll see you out there!  BOOM ROASTED!