Don't Ask Me About Supplements Unless...

One scroll through Instagram and you believe that all you need are pills and shakes to get fit.  I don’t talk supplements with my clients right off the bat, even when they want me to.

Here’s 4 quick boxes you need to check before you even think about asking me which supplements you should and shouldn’t take. 

You’re eating

Of course you’re eating.  But do you have any insight into what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, or when you’re eating?  How consistent are you with eating?  Do you skip meals daily or go completely overboard on the weekend?  Supplements are to work together with your daily diet, not replace it.

You’re sleeping

Sleep is essential to your energy, recovery, and performance.  It even plays a role in how much you eat.  You better believe that if your sleep isn’t in check, then neither is your health.  Also, I hope you realize that sleeping is completely free!

You’re Drinking (water that is)

If you’re sucking down Cokes, teas, and juices more than water, then don’t talk to me about supplements.  Make sure you’re drinking enough water for your body weight and physical activities levels before you start dreaming of supplements.

You’re Exercising

Sad that this one has to be included, but it may be the most important reminder of all.  I run across folks every day who believe supplements will get them where they need to be without even lifting a finger much less a dumbbell.  Get your butt up and move.  Then we can discuss supplements to enhance that!