5 Things To Do When You're Sick Of Cardio

Is cardio the curse of your existence?  I completely understand that feeling and the conflict that’s going on inside you.  On one hand, you know you need it.  It’s a brilliant tool to help you lose those pounds.  On the other hand, it can REALLY SUCK!!  Either way, here are 5 things you can do when you’re sick of cardio.  Enjoy!!

1.  Lift Weights

Strength training holds a stack of benefits including:  stronger more coordinated muscles, improved blood sugar levels, and some cardiovascular benefit.  Picking up the weights can be more exciting because you feel an immediate burn and reaction to exercise.  I love how it boosts self-esteem as well!

2.  Change Your Cardio

I run into a lot of folks who think running is the only cardio out there, and they do it even though they hate it.  Cardio can be anything that gets your heart rate up.  Don't limit yourself to something you hate.

3.  Change How You Cardio

A slow steady jog for an hour can drive you crazy.  You can get the same 1-hour benefit from just 20 minutes of exercise.  all you must do is change your intensity level.  Adding some short rests and moving a bit quicker can get you the same benefit of long distance running.  Plus, the higher intensity can keep you focused.  Click here to Check out my previous blog post on interval training.  

4.  Work Cardio Into Your Life

Maybe structured cardio isn’t for you.  Let’s work it into your daily life instead.  It only takes 10 minutes of exercise to count toward your daily goal.  You can rack up as many 10-minute bouts as you want.  This means less time doing cardio in a single session, but possibly more overall cardio at the end of the day.  Add cardio to your commute, book it around the grocery store, or park your car a 10 minute walk from your destination whenever possible.  

5.  Don’t Do Cardio

If you really hate it that much, then skip it.  It is a great tool, but maybe it’s just not for you right now.  I’d rather you keep doing the exercises you love and maybe pick up cardio later, than to keep doing something you hate and give up altogether.  You’re supposed to be loving yourself through this, and if cardio makes you hate your life, then skip it for now.  I bet your tastes will change someday.