New Year New You...Wait What?

I'm hoping someone out there can relate with me.  The end of Summer and beginning of Fall feels like the start of a new year!  To me, August/September feels more like a new year than the actual new year in January.  Maybe it's the 18 years of schools plus another 2years working in the education system, but I swear I feel like I'm getting a fresh start each year around September.

If that's the case for you, then let's roll with it!

It's time to get your act in gear.  Maybe you blew all your super awesome Summer goals.  Those January goals have long been destroyed.  But here you go, a fresh start!  A chance for a do-do over!  I love second chances, so I plan on taking advantage of it.  How 'bout you?

Now's your chance to do that thing you said you'd do!

If you're inspired like me this time of year, then you've got to take action before October.  I'd say that's when I usually see it all fall apart either for myself or those I work with.  So jump on the inspiration train now, build that habit, and come October and the other holidays, it'll be so ingrained it'll be second nature!

Best of luck!  Live long and prosper!