They Took My Yogurt

During my grocery shopping today I stopped to grab my favorite brand of Greek yogurt.  It was sold out!  And do you know?  Because of the Olympics!  That's right, the Olympics killed my yogurt.  This particular yogurt is the official yogurt of Olympians, and since everyone is super inspired right now, they took my yogurt so they too can be Olympians.

I actually have no idea if that was the cause.  Anyways, who am I to say that's MY yogurt?  But I feel like it's mine because I've been eating it for many years!  But when I thought about it for a second I realized I have done the same thing...just not with yogurt. 

I remember when I used to watch superhero movies like Thor or Captain America, I'd look up the workout they did to look like that.  I remember I'd try to eat and exercise like the magazine article said they did for the role in the hopes of morphing my body to their exact specifications.  Well it didn't work because I am not them, and it was their job to look like that.  I completely forgot about all the other factors that go into play when becoming a supreme being.

The yogurt people have done the same thing.  They're eating the yogurt, maybe swimming some laps, and they're ready to be Michael Phelps!  But they're forgetting the years of training/diet, genetics at play, and the many other factors like:  age, talent, will, drive, time availability, and so on.

Remember to keep your expectations manageable when starting toward a new goal and please stay away from my yogurt!