Leave Some In The Tank

How Hard Should

You Workout?

Do images of sweat covered gym floors fill your mind?  Some people go all out every time, and some people leave a little in the tank.  I’m asking you to leave some in the tank.  What is some?  It’s energy, strength, sanity, oxygen, or all of the above.  I want you to leave some of it in the tank.

Why Should You

Leave Some In

The Tank?

Because you need to work out more than once.  If you subscribe to the notion that it doesn’t counts unless you’re on the edge of throwing up, then you're wrong.  You don’t need to shred, smash, or destroy your muscles in order to get some benefit.  Some days you just need to leave it in the tank.

Here's an example.  You could have 2 super tough workouts over a week (think weekend warrior).  Or you could do 4 moderate workouts over the course of a week.  Which one is better?  I’ll take the moderate exerciser and here is why...

The Moderate


  • Will workout tomorrow.

  • Won’t hate working out.

  • Is building a habit.

  • Will move throughout the day.

  • Can intensify over time.

So leave some in the tank, Live to fight another day, And build a habit that will last for life, not the duration of a 30, 60, or 90 day challenge.