Hiding Places

Where’s your favorite place to hide?  I’m not talking about hide and seek; I’m talking about your productivity hiding place.  The thing you do when you’re supposed to be doing something else.  Want to know my hiding place?  It’s my non-business emails!  That’s where I run when I’m procrastinating!  I checked it three times while writing this!

                Where do you run?  Sometimes it’s an obvious waste of time like social media or Netflix, but that’s not always the case.  I’ve talked to clients who use cleaning as their hiding place.  All of a sudden, the clutter in their guest room closet becomes super important.  It just so happens they need to get a workout in, but this closet can’t wait a minute more.

                So how do you fight it?  The first step is identification.  You need to know where you’re hiding.  After that it’s prevention.  Let’s use social media for our example.  If you run to Instagram every time you need to get up and take a walk, maybe you need your phone off during crucial workout time.  If you can’t trust yourself to not turn it back on, there are apps that can block social media for a set period of time.

                Once you know where you’re hiding and start preventing it, you will begin to see the benefits of getting things done (like a workout).  And guess what you can do with that extra time?  You can use it on those hiding places and go to them guilt free.  Imagine Neflix with no guilt.  That sounds like a dream!