Make Sure You're Having Fun

Have you ever found yourself exhausted from your workout, and you're still in the gym parking lot?  You haven't even walked in yet, and the dread has just about crippled you.  Well in my expert opinion...THAT'S NO GOOD!  Why are you torturing yourself?  Oh that's right, you're doing it for the perfect body, the amazing abs, the tight booty.  OK, I get that.  You have goals, they're important to you, and you won't stop until you get there.  But why not enjoy your journey?  Why not have a good time on the way there?

I get asked all the time by well-meaning individuals, "What the best diet for this?" or "What the best exercise to get this body?"  The answer is simple, and it usually doesn't satisfy the person who asked the question.  The best exercise, the best diet, the best whatever is the one you can keep doing.  The best option for you is the one you enjoy.  Because if you like it, you'll keep doing it!  And if you keep doing it, you'll enjoy your journey to that goal.

From my experience in helping others on their journey to health, we forget about the "fun factor".  Much like choosing the right career, choosing the right exercise or diet program is all about making it fit your lifestyle.  You know the saying, "if you enjoy your job, then you'll never work a day in your life"?  The same goes for your health regime.  If you enjoy your particular mode of exercise, it'll never feel like a WORKout.  It'll feel like a hobby.  It'll become that thing you do because you love it, and it's fun!

Our default setting when we decide to change our health is to partake in the health norms of the times.  So most folks decide to take up distance running or weight lifting because that's what you're supposed to do.  Or you may decide to take on the diet trend that everyone else is doing.  There's a few factors missing in that decision.  Will you enjoy it?  Will you have fun?  Will I keep doing this?  Distance running, weight lifting, and harsh diets may not be for you.  You may hate it, quit it, and go back to feeling bad about yourself.  But if you do what you love; how could you quit that?

Does this mean that I should choose the weeniest exercise out there?  Maybe, if that's what you love.  But your tastes may change.  You may start out by doing something very light like slow walking or jogging because that's what you enjoy.  But after some time, you may try out a faster pace or a whole new type of exercise and learn to love that.  You may be someone who already enjoys intense heart pounding workouts.  If that's you, then a high intensity group class is perfect.  Just try not to pick up any old exercise or diet because you feel that's what you're supposed to do.  It may not be for you at all.  Remember, a square peg just won't fit into a round hole unless you scrape, cut, and damage all the sides.  But what's left of that square peg when it finally squeezes through?  And did it even enjoy its journey? 

So include the "fun factor" in your health decision making.  Your heart, body, and soul will thank you!