Exceeding Expectations

Wanna know something that makes me really happy?

When my clients exceed my expectations.  Each week when I update their program, I draw estimates of weights we will lift, reps we will do, and times we will keep.  But it is always my secret hope that I'll have to scribble all over my plan by the end of the session.

Last week I had two clients do just that to me. 

I wrote in 6 pushups and she did 8, I wrote down 30lbs and he did 40, and I wrote down 90lbs for 8 reps and she did 100lb for 10reps. 

I don't really let them in on the secret, but I want them to "beat me".  Sometimes I'll act mad because my neatly printed plan on fresh paper is ugly now, but really I'm celebrating.

You know this is no accident.  I don't undershoot my clients, EVER!  I always believe they can do as much or more than I give them to do.  But I always give them something I know they CAN do!  And maybe that makes me a sissy trainer.  I've lost clients over the fact that I'm too soft.  But the ones that stay are happy, confident, and not in pain.

There something to building up confidence by taking bites that you can actually chew. 

So what if it looks easy to someone else!  You're going after something you know for a fact you can do, and maybe you'll even destroy that goal later on.

But if you only go after larger than life goals you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. 

Take off bite size pieces that you know you can eat, and you won't end up choking!