Why I Hate Before & After Photos

I've done just fine without using before & after photos of my clients.  Here's why I don't use them...


Comparisons and Expectations

As soon you see a dramatic before & after photo you begin to draw comparisons and expectations for your journey.  But you are not them, why compare one person's unique body with your own?  I want you to see yourself as uniquely you, and before & after photos defeat that. 


I'm Forgetful

I honestly forget to take progress photosThey're not important to me.  Creating effective programs and caring for you matters much more than marketing. 


It's Private

I think your journey is private and sharing it is up to you.  So even if I do have permission to share, I generally decline.


Before & After Photos Show Changes In Size

That's it!  They don't tell you about that person's strength, blood work, or motivation.  A before & after photo doesn't tell you how they've recovered nicely from a heart attack or eliminated back pain.  You are more than your pants size, and photos can't show you that. 


Hating the Old You

Before & after photos usually come with a commentary of how much that person hated themselves at that size.  I want you to be motivated by love for yourself at any size.  I don't want you motivated to "kill" the old you.  The past, present, and future you are really neat, and I want you to know that.