Before You Turn Out the Lights on 2018

Here we are…

The last month of 2018!  Before you shut the door and turn out the lights on this year, I’d love for you to do a quick assessment.  I know when things don’t go as planned, it’s hard to look back.  You’d rather just pretend it didn’t happen, but please look back if you can stand it.  There’s some valuable stuff you can learn back there.

I suffer from it too.  Fear of failure or dwelling on past failure makes me feel anxious just thinking about it.  But there’s stuff there.  You hear all the time “we learn more from failure than success”.  It’s so cliché, but it’s so true!  So grit your teeth, look back, and follow these steps to assessing 2018.

  1. No Judgement.  Tell yourself we’re just browsing the past.

  2. Write stuff down so you can remember it.

  3. Look for common threads that connect the failures.

  4. Use those common threads to plan for 2019.

Thanks for a great 2018 everyone!  I look forward to more awesomeness in 2019!