5 Pre-Workout Mistakes You're Making

You may be sabotaging your exercise routine before it even starts.  Here's 5 pre-workout mistakes you may be making...

1.  Going In Hungry

It cannot be stressed enough.  YOU HAVE GOT TO FEED THE BEAST!  Going into a workout hungry means muscle weakness and lower endurance.  If your stomach is growling or you feel "shaky" then you may be exercising on an empty tank.  If you're looking to improve over time, exercising on an empty stomach will not get you there.  Also, a body running on nothing doesn't have the raw materials to ramp up that internal fire known as your metabolism.  Eating before and after a workout help stabilize and regulate your metabolism.  Try a well rounded snack with protein, carbs, and fat about 30-90minutes before your routine.

2.  Going In Dehydrated

Just like food, exercising while dehydrated will lead to poor performance.  Dehydration can lead to severe medical complications especially if you're exercising in the heat.  Try drinking about 16-20oz an hour before your workout and another 8-10oz 15 minutes before your workout.

3.  You're Not Hype

Ray Lewis didn't dance like a fool before each football game for his health.  He did it to get hype!! And you should too!  Go into your workout ready to make a change.  Be excited about being there and working toward a new, better you!! I shouldn't have to tell you (but I will) that a motivated person works out a lot harder than an unmotivated one.  Also, a routine you enjoy is a routine you're more likely to do, and that makes a big difference when it comes to having continued success.   If you need some help, try pumping up an invisible crowd, listening to your favorite jams, and even some pre-exercise dancing.

4.  Making Stops Before the Gym

If you put things between you and the gym, you will most likely either not make it to the gym or go in flat.  If you exercise after work, then your best bet is to head straight to the gym or park from work.  If you hit up Wal-Mart or the corner market before your workout, you are sabotaging your performance, focus, and success.  Another common mistake is to head home before going to the gym.  You might be going home to change clothes, grab a snack, or knock out some quick work.  In reality, you end up falling in love with your couch or last night's Chinese food.  Pack your clothes and a snack and proceed to the gym.  No need to run home!

5.  You're Free Wheeling It

Plain and simple, if you do not have focus, then you are not going to reach your goals!  You need to walk into the gym or start on your running trail with a singleness of purpose honed in by your long term and short term plan for your health.  You've seen the folks in the gym who have no plan.  They're the people who are busier running their mouth than their legs.  If you have no plan you will get off track, get confused, and probably quit your session early.  Walk in confidently, know where you've been, and move forward by having a plan!