The Simple Way is the Best Way

There's always a new way to get healthy.  But is it the best way?  Ask yourself two questions to find out.  Is this new technique simple?  Does it tell me it will take a long time?  If the answer is no to both, then it is not the best.

So here's the thing you DON'T want to hear.  The simple way is the best way!

Listen to how you and your friends talk about losing weight.  Does the conversation quickly become overwhelming?  Calories, sets, reps, macros, micros, and it goes on.  It's typical to feel so overwhelmed that you don't even feel like getting started.

You may tell me you want to keep it simple by watching what you stick in your mouth and exercise a bit after work, but the truth is you don't believe it.  If you did, you would have already done that.

You believe that you need a complicated answer to your problem.

The complicated solution usually over promises what it can do for you.  It promises that if you do this extremely complicated thing, you'll get amazing results in half the time.  The simple solution never fills your mind with those lies. 

The simple solution to getting healthy just doesn't satisfy those desires like the complicated one does.  And that is because the complicated path to the promise of a thinner, fitter you intentionally forgets to mention time.

Treating your body well with healthy eating and exercise takes time to see results.  The simple solution is upfront with that, and you absolutely hate it.  You want it NOW and the complicated solution promises you can have it NOW.

It's the truth and this is your one millionth time to hear it.  How bout you finally swallow the liberating message of the simple solution to health?  Accept that results require a simple plan executed over a long period of time.